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Hockey Recruiting Package

Ready to score big with your hockey dreams?
Hockey Recruiting Package is your ticket to the spotlight. Whether you're gunning for the pros or sharing your love for the game, we're your recruiting partner, helping you connect with coaches effortlessly. 

You've Put in the Work.
Don't Miss Your Shot.

Complete Hockey Recruiting Package

If you are serious about playing at the next level, you're going to need video. Whether you want to play D1, D3, Juniors, Academy, Prep School, or just get on that AAA Spring team, coaches want to see you play. We know how to get you noticed with a recruiting package they won't forget. Full game edit. Highlights. Bespoke website. Be seen.

The Complete Hockey Recruiting Package. Everything You Need to Shine.
Full game edit. Just your shifts.
Highlight reel. Your best moments.
Your own website. Easy to share.
Your Recruiting Website. Your Future.
Videos. Reels. Stats. Awards. All in one place. Easy to share. Hard to Forget.
Fact: Coaches won't open email attachments. A personal website is a must. One link. Infinite possibilities.

Attachments get ignored; personal recruiting websites don't. Your personal hockey landing page puts all of your game content in one easy-to-navigate hub with your all-shift videos, highlight reels, awards, stats, and any other information you want coaches to see. We build it. You share it. The ultimate tool for telling your hockey story and getting the chance to play at the next level.

All-Shifts Game Edit. You're the Star.
Legendary Video. Premium graphics. Player highlight ovals. Perfect cuts.
You played 18 minutes. The game was 60. Coaches and scouts want video showing only your shifts. 

Coaches and scouts want to see everything you did in a game, but they won't waste time hunting for it. Your all-shifts edit is 100% your ice time, nothing less, nothing more. We add premium graphics and highlight you on every shift. Our competitors force you to send in time stamps to make their job easier and then charge you twice as much. Your game play gets you on the team; your video gets you seen.

Only Shifts Gameplay Video
Save time watching your shifts not others.
We make a perfect edit from your game and give you a video with only your shifts, from beginning to end.

Review your ice time on your own or with a coach. No fluff. No hunting. No wasted time or effort. Just rock solid improvement. Every minute of ice time on a clean video which is only you, designed to make game review work and save your valuable time.

Highlight Reel. Talent Immortalized.
Your game changing moments. Banger soundtrack. Opportunities unlocked.
Seven seconds can change a game. Your best moments will change your future. You're the one they won't forget.

Elevate your recruiting game with a highlight reel that's impossible to ignore. Transform your legendary goals, stand-out assists, and game-changing hustle into an unforgettable reel that will captivate even the most jaded coach. Pick your own thumping soundtrack from our huge library, and show them how hard you go.

Highlight Video
Highlight Your Brilliance, Be Remembered
Get your Epic Play Edited with Awesome Graphics

We empower you to create captivating reels that not only showcase your best plays and unforgettable moments on the ice but also do so in stunning detail with the use of slow motion, cool graphics and animation. Impress coaches, inspire yourself, and share your brilliance with style and flair, making every moment on the ice count.

A Web Player Portal
You Get your own Website Portal where you have all your games are uploaded! Ready to Play anytime, anywhere!
Your Hockey Story, All in One Place. Ready to Share.

The "Web Player Portal" is your all-in-one hub for organizing and showcasing your hockey journey. Easily access and share your game archives and highlight reels with coaches, recruiters, and fellow players. It's your personalized portfolio, making it effortless to stay organized, save valuable time, and connect with the right audience. Whether you're aiming for the pros or cherishing the love of the game, your hockey journey now has a home.

Who needs it? You need it.
We achieve what we prepare for. At every level and for every goal, be ready.
You're game-ready, but are you opportunity-ready? From 10U to D1, have something to show them. 

With your personal hockey website, you're always ready to show why you belong on the team. Think only D1 and Juniors prospects need this? Think again. Timing is everything in hockey and recruiting. There are opportunities for camps, academies, spring teams, showcases, and selects programs starting from 10U. Your player website is your 24/7 showcase and is essential when you are serious about leveling up.

Success Stories: Real Players, Real Results.
USHL Combine

Coaches at the Combine knew they wanted to see more of C.P. before he even stepped on the ice. His recruiting website, with four games and a full bio, built buzz about him months in advance. 

Shattuck-St. Mary's

If you live fifteen hundred miles away from one of the best sleepaway hockey camps in the world, sending in film can secure your spot. A.D. got to go, leveled-up, and made friends for life.

Elite Summer Team

West Coast hockey is good, but it's not Boston or the Midwest. R.N. was invited to join a summer team in a different region and at a whole new level without missing school for the tryouts.

 Our Customers Love Us 


If you find better prices, you're lying.

Single Game



Perfect for camps, outreach, out-of-state tryouts and select teams.

1 "All-Shifts" Video ($49)

1 Highlight Reel ($39)

Recruiting Website ($249)

1 Years Free Hosting ($144)

Additional Games (All Shifts & Highlight)

Order anytime and we add them to your Recruiting Website!

Only $87 each!

Season Pass



Opportunites are priceless. 

Getting them is only $499.

3 "All-Shifts" Videos ($147)

3 Highlight Reels ($117)

Recruiting Website ($249)

About & Core Stats ($49)

Grades & Awards ($49)

2 Years Free Hosting ($288)

Additional Games (All Shifts & Highlight)

Order anytime and we add them to your Recruiting Website!

Only $79 each!

Going Pro



Elite Skill.

Elite Opportunities.

6 "All-Shifts" Videos ($294)

6 Highlight Reels ($234)

Recruiting Website ($249)

About & Core Stats ($49)

Grades & Awards ($49)

All-star Highlight Reel ($99)

Elite Prospects Panel ($49)

Custom Contact Form  ($59)

3 Years Free Hosting ($432)

Additional Games (All Shifts & Highlight)

Order anytime and we add them to your Recruiting Website!

Only $70 each!

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I place an order?

Simply fill out our order form. We'll ask you a few questions about where the game was played, the player, the team, and a few other questions.

Ordering is quick and easy. Most of the time we don't even need the game footage; to save you time we can often get the raw game video files for you.

If you get stuck or have questions, feel free to email or call us. (

What's the turnaround time?

Expect your full player website and game edits within 5 to 9 days. If we can do it faster, we will. Expedited options are available if you're in a rush.

Can I get professional videography to make my game footage look like it's broadcast-quality?

Certainly! We have a network of skilled videographers in 34 cities (and adding more all the time.)

We'll send our local videographer to your live game to capture your games in high-definition and best-in-class pro video quality.

If you're in a location where we don't already have a videographer, no problem— we'll do all of the legwork to find a pro, set it up, and get it done for you. This ensures you have compelling, eye-catching footage that can make all the difference when showcasing your skills for D1 or Juniors programs.

Do you need this? Most clients going for D1 and Juniors don't choose this path, but if you want it, we'll get it done!

Email or call to set it up or if you have questions.

What if I'm only interested in the all-shifts video or highlight reel and don't want a personal website?

If you're focused on improving your game and don't need a recruiting website, our all-shift training videos are the way to go. These are a fantastic tool for growing your hockey IQ. If you'd like an expert's perspective on your game, we can also pair you with a coach from our Coach's Marketplace for an in-depth review.

If you only want highlight reels, check out our Fire Reel product— a condensed, action-packed reel focusing on a single game or a specific moment like an epic goal, unforgettable assist, or whacko penalty. 

Will my personal recruiting website be mobile-friendly?

Absolutely, and that's crucial. Many of our competitors make a laptop-optimized site and call it good. But that's actually bad. Really bad.

Coaches and scouts are busy and on-the-go all of the time. You can expect 70% of your site visits to be from mobile. With our recruiting sites, there are no missed opportunities.

Are recruiting websites only for players looking to go D1 or play Junior Hockey?

Not at all, our recruiting websites serve players across all age and skill levels. Whatever your hockey goals are, if they  include leveling up, recruiting videos and websites are invaluable tools. 

Coaches really love seeing year-over-year development in a player. That's why starting early matters. Keep in mind that full games often have a limited download window—usually 30 to 60 days. If you wait until you're 16U to start building a video library, you've already missed the boat on capturing any 12U and 14U games.

Beyond Division 1 and Junior Hockey, there are all kinds of incredible opportunities at every stage and skill level, really from 10U and up. There are exclusive camps, select teams, select tournaments, academies, prep schools, and more. Having readily shareable, high-quality video footage can be the difference in getting those opportunities.

Don't underestimate the power of video in opening doors for you. Building it before you have to show it makes you ready for every opportunity.

Is it AI generated or professionally hand-edited?

We are 100% professional human editors.

We don't use AI, and here's why that makes a difference. AI frequently misidentify players, undermining your showcase.

Our editors understand hockey. They know how to distinguish between player #19 and #17, even with tucked-in jerseys. They know that coaches want to see how you skate to the bench on shift changes. Maybe AI will be able to get it all right someday, but it's not there yet. Any company telling you it's good enough is lying to you.

When you're investing in your future, you should settle for nothing less than the accuracy and quality that professional human expertise provides.

Do you work with Agents and Junior Advisors? Are there discounts?

Yes! We love collaborating and supporting Agents and Junior Advisors and offer special pricing.

We'll make your client's videos white labeled with your company name and we'll customize the content and videos any way you want them to support your clients.

We understand the important role that Advisors play in a player's journey, and we're committed to solving probelms and making you and your client look great.

Get in touch and let's talk about how we can meet your client's video and website needs. 

Don't stop now. Check out our other products.

Be noticed by coaches and scouts.

Get an ESPN-style clip of your epic moment.

 Level up your hockey IQ. Get better faster.

Give the team a remember-forever keepsake. Celebrate tournaments and the season.

Video coaching side hustle. Your brand & our video edits. Full business and marketing support.

Coaches: get an extreme edge with training videos your team will love to watch.

Claim a free Ebook: "Sports & Training in the New Era"

Claim a free Ebook: 

"Sports & Training in the New Era"



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