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Hockey Recruiting Package

Ready to score big with your hockey dreams?
Hockey Recruiting Package is your ticket to the spotlight. Whether you're gunning for the pros or sharing your love for the game, we're your recruiting partner, helping you connect with coaches effortlessly. 

Champions Watch Film. Do you?

Training Reels & Video Coaching

Watching video is the #1 way to improve hockey IQ. Understanding where to be and when—growing the sixth sense of hockey—is like learning a second language. And nothing gets you fluency faster than immersion. MyHockeyVideo Training Video:

All of your shifts. Only your shifts. Get immersed. 

Training Reels & Video Coaching. The Smartest Way to Improve Fast.
Full Game Edit.
All of your shifts. Only your shifts.
Review alone, with your coach,
or with one of our pro video coaches.
It's good to be good.
It's better to be smart.
Watch Your Game. Dominate the Ice.
Your full game distilled into 16 minutes of pure, next-level learning. Skyrocket your hockey IQ.

Get your whole game film edited for what matters: your shifts. Impactful, direct learning in less time than it takes to drive to the rink. In only eight to ten weeks of video review you will see radically better positioning, night-and-day improvement in anticipation, and jaw-dropping bumps in game sense. We see it with every youth athlete we edit. If you work on video review for eight weeks, the skill changes are massive and real. There is no faster way to upskill.

Highlight Video
Highlight Your Brilliance, Be Remembered
Get your Epic Play Edited with Awesome Graphics

We empower you to create captivating reels that not only showcase your best plays and unforgettable moments on the ice but also do so in stunning detail with the use of slow motion, cool graphics and animation. Impress coaches, inspire yourself, and share your brilliance with style and flair, making every moment on the ice count.

Visual Learner? Time to Shine.
Transform every mistake into skill. The visual advantage lets you improve faster than you ever thought possible.

Most of us are visual learners. Eyes beat ears: hearing what we need to fix can take months. Seeing it once makes it click. Is the coach telling your athlete what to adjust over and over, but they don't seem to hear it? Show them once on video, problem solved. Visual learning is fast and it's lasting. A moment seen is a game evolved. 

Don’t Be Sidelined. Video is Safety
The game gets faster. The hits get harder. Are you taking body contact correctly? See it and stay in the game.

The game’s pace is relentless and the hits are intense. Knowing how to position yourself is crucial to avoid injury. Incorrect body contact can end a season. Don't get left watching your team from the stands. Going over your games with a trusted coach and seeing exactly how you're taking body contact is the best way to play safe

A Web Player Portal
You Get your own Website Portal where you have all your games are uploaded! Ready to Play anytime, anywhere!
Your Hockey Story, All in One Place. Ready to Share.

The "Web Player Portal" is your all-in-one hub for organizing and showcasing your hockey journey. Easily access and share your game archives and highlight reels with coaches, recruiters, and fellow players. It's your personalized portfolio, making it effortless to stay organized, save valuable time, and connect with the right audience. Whether you're aiming for the pros or cherishing the love of the game, your hockey journey now has a home.

The Improvement Loop. Max ROI.
Great players learn to skate to where the puck is going to be. But how? By seeing the core patterns of hockey.

They say the rich get richer. It's the same in hockey—better players get better faster. Why? Puck touches. A kid who gets 47 touches in a scrimage or small area game is going to out-improve a kid that gets 9. Video kickstarts and accelrates the improvement loop: better anticipation means more puck touches. More puck touches means faster improvement. Faster improvement means more puck touches. There's a reason NHL players watch their game film. Now it's your turn.   

Easy to Order. Your Coach or Ours.
Easy to order and affordable. Get your game reviewed by one of our pro coaches or your own. Train to win.

Provide your game details, and receive your shift video in three days. We can use LiveBarn, Facebook live streams, or personal recordings. Review it on your own, with your coach, or connect with one of our pro coaching partners. It’s a straightforward process that lets you focus on what matters—improving your game.

Pro Perspectives: The Power of Video Analysis.
Jason Robertson
 Dallas Stars

"[Robertson] always watches film of his own shifts after games. He says, 'I can’t get enough video to watch... You see those little things where you didn’t screw up or anything but you see that you could have done this differently or that differently to be that much better of a player.'"

Tim Turk
NHL Shooting Coach

Learning by watching is vastly underused by players. Reviewing footage of yourself often illuminates mistakes you had no idea you were making. All hockey players should understand how they move—the simplest way to gain that understanding is to film and watch yourself.

Greg Revak
Hockey IQ Newsletter

Video is the most valuable teaching tool. YouTube is the second most used website on the planet for a reason (Google is #1). You can watch the tape over and over to pick out the smallest of details to perfect performances.

Only Shifts Gameplay Video
Save time watching your shifts not others.
We make a perfect edit from your game and give you a video with only your shifts, from beginning to end.

Review your ice time on your own or with a coach. No fluff. No hunting. No wasted time or effort. Just rock solid improvement. Every minute of ice time on a clean video which is only you, designed to make game review work and save your valuable time.

Our Customers Love Us!


Training videos are affordable

Hockey IQ is priceless.

Single Game

The "Slow and Steady Wins the Race" Package



One "All-Shifts" Training Video & more.

1 "All-Shifts" Video ($89)

30 Days of Video Storage. ($5)

Easy to Share. Easy to Download.

We'll get the raw game footage for you (+$8)

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting it is. —Arnold Palmer

Going Pro

The "Hardest Working Kid in the Game" Package.



Video Train All Season. This is the Edge You Want.

8 "All-Shifts" Videos. ($712)

1 Fire Reel from any goal, save or assist ($15)

180 Days of Video Storage. ($30)

Easy to Share. Easy to Download.

Priority turn around on all orders

Private, personalized order form.

Private dashboard to have all video in one place.

Video Coaching Software For Your Coach. ($200)

We'll get the raw game footage for you! Included! ($64)

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. —Derek Bok

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I place an order?

Simply click one of those "Order Now" buttons above and fill out our simple order form. We'll ask you a few questions about the game, the player, and the team. 48 to 72 hours later, we'll send you your all-shifts video.

Ordering is quick and easy. Most of the time we don't even need you to provide the game footage; to save you time we can often get the raw game video files for you.

If you get stuck or have questions, feel free to email or call us.

What is the turnaround time?

We almost always deliver your "all-shifts" training video within 48 to 72 hours. This ensures you have ample time to review last weekend's game before the next one. When we can, we deliver faster. Although it's unlikely, If there is any delay, we'll promptly and clearly communicate.

For rush orders, reach out to us at

Is it AI generated or professionally hand-edited?

We are 100% professional human editors.

We don't use AI, and here's why that makes a difference. AI frequently misidentify players, or cuts early.

Our editors understand hockey. Our editors know how to distinguish between player #19 and #17, even with tucked-in jerseys. Our editors know who is who, even when a ponytail covers the player's number. We know that coaches want to see how you skate to the bench on shift changes. Maybe AI will be able to get it all right someday, but it's not there yet. Any company telling you it's good enough wants your money.

When you're investing in your future, you should settle for nothing less than the accuracy and quality that professional human expertise provides.

Do you work with specific coaches or are these videos to use with my own coach?

If you have your own coach who wants to do video review, we have a special program to provide him or her with software to make video coaching easier.

If you don't have a coach, we work with some incredible hockey coaches who offer next level video coaching. Just shoot us a message and will find a great match for you.

If you are a coach and want to do (or you already offer) video coaching, we have a great service for you. We'll put your logo and branding on the edits and support you with marketing materials, a portlal to manage your orders, and turnkey software to manage your business. Get in touch to learn more.

What exactly am I getting?

We condense a full 60-90 minute game to only the 12-20ish minutes your youth athlete played. We add a shift counter to the screen and highlight the player every time they hit the ice, making them easy to spot. Coaches who do video review usually require this "all-shifts" edit. Most of them ask you to do it, or charge an extra $120 to $200. We are bringing the cost down to make video coaching more affordable and accesible for everyone.

If you don't want to hire a video coach, but just want to review the game with your athlete yourself, it's a lot more fun if you don't have the hassle of constant fast-forwarding and rewinding, hunting for the player's shifts.

You'll receive the training video via an email link, perfect for sharing with coaches. We also add a download option to make it easy to build your "all shifts" library and see the improvement over the season.

Our editors love hockey, and we don't use any A.I. You'll absolutely notice the quality difference. Turnaround is quick and customer support is legendary.

Is this just for players or can goalies get training video too?

We love making training video for goalies! We edit the game to show every moment the goalie is in goalie stance.

We have seen the goalies we work with gain huge improvements in positioning, box control, recovery, and other core skills. 

Are these useful without a video coach?

Absolutley. While coaching will help you level up faster, just watching yourself play has a big impact on understanding how to play better.


Single Game


Get up and running

✅ All Shifts Together

✅ All Shifts Together

✅ All Shifts Together

Single Game


Get up and running

✅ All Shifts Together

✅ All Shifts Together

✅ All Shifts Together

Single Game


Get up and running

✅ All Shifts Together

✅ All Shifts Together

✅ All Shifts Together

Next season, you'll wish you started working on hockey IQ now.

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Be noticed by coaches and scouts.

Get an ESPN-style clip of your epic moment.

 Level up your hockey IQ. Get better faster.

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Video coaching side hustle. Your brand & our video edits. Full business and marketing support.

Coaches: get an extreme edge with training videos your team will love to watch.

Claim a free Ebook: "Sports & Training in the New Era"

Claim a free Ebook: 

"Sports & Training in the New Era"



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